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Health IT

The field of Health Information Technology (HIT) is growing rapidly. The healthcare industry is expected to add over 3 million new jobs by 2018, an increase of about 22 percent, and 10 of the 20 fastest growing occupations in the U.S. today are related to healthcare. Consort Institute offers an innovative Accelerated Training in Health Information Technology (AT-HIT) program to prepare motivated individuals for the field of HIT. The success of this program is demonstrated by the Testimonials received from current and graduated professionals. Some reasons for the success of our programs are their hands-on training, close relationship with industry, highly experienced faculty and guest lecturers, student selection process, and the innovative structure of the curriculum.

Health information technology (Health IT) is the seamless and effective use of technology to capture, store and retrieve information regarding patients’ medical records from birth to death for the purpose of increasing the quality of care as well as reducing the cost of healthcare in the USA.

Health IT makes it possible for health care providers to better manage patient care through secure and real time access and sharing of health information electronically, rather than through paper medical records to maintain people’s health information.

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a comprehensive, longitudinal record of an individual’s health history throughout their life that can be created, managed, and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff across all health care organizations. EHR is patient-focused in that it is not limited by what a single provider can accumulate on behalf of a patient. Through the capabilities of interoperability, an EHR becomes an authorized means to access information from any medical source that has chronicled the health care experience of a patient over time.

In 2004, United States President George Bush called for most Americans to have electronic health records by 2014. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act seeks to improve American health care delivery and patient care through an unprecedented investment in health information technology. In 2009, the US government’s American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), a federal “stimulus package”, designated over 19 billion dollars for HIT spending and EHR implementation. The federal government has mandated the use of EHR by doctors and hospitals in a bid to improve the quality of healthcare delivery, enhance efficiencies, and reduce costs, thus fueling the tremendous growth potential of this industry.

Consort Institute’s Accelerated Training in Health Information Technology (AT-HIT) program was developed in response to the tremendous growth of the HIT field and the shortage of professionals to support this growth.

This accelerated training program provides a comprehensive overview of key technical aspects of HIT as related to the HITECH Act with a special focus on the effective implementation and support of EHR’s and related applications in hospitals and provider facilities. The provisions of the HITECH Act are specifically designed to work together to provide the necessary assistance and technical support to providers, enable coordination and alignment within and among states, establish connectivity to the public health community in case of emergencies, and assure the workforce is properly trained and equipped. Combined, these programs build the foundation for every American to benefit from an electronic health record, as part of a modernized, interconnected, and vastly improved system of care delivery.

The Accelerated Training in Health Information Technology (AT-HIT) program is an intensive 10-week professional development program. The focus is on preparing qualified individuals for employment in the growing HIT field using an innovative curriculum structure and a novel delivery model in the fastest time possible.

The breadth, depth, and pinpointed real world applicability of this program is a large differentiating factor against other trainings offered. The carefully balanced mix of lectures and practical hands-on training on a widely used commercial EHR software system in a fast paced delivery environment is unmatched in another training program.

The make-up and structure of the AT-HIT curriculum is a major factor in its success and acceptance by individuals seeking training for a new career in HIT. The delivery of the course is by industry professionals who possess years of in-depth field experience along with technical teaching and training credentials. Through exposure to industry practitioners and experts, program participants gain valuable insight about HIT real world experiences as well as the unique culture of the healthcare work environment. They receive valuable training in HIT/EHR related subject matters; learn what it takes to get in, to be an effective contributor, and to succeed in their new field. Normally, this knowledge would take a long time to acquire; however, through this fast paced, innovative program, participants have the opportunity to receive detailed and effective HIT training in a relatively compressed timeframe! As a result, Consort Institute’s graduates are able to hit the HIT ground running.

Body of knowledge an HIT professional must have

  • Healthcare and Public Health Terminology
  • Evolution of HIT
  • Healthcare Delivery Infrastructure
  • HIT Role in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Financial, Administrative and Clinical Systems
  • Administrative Component
  • Financial Component
  • Clinical Systems
  • Meaningful Use
  • Health Information and Data Storage, Retrieval and Distribution
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Privacy and Security
  • Process and Workflow Analysis
  • Healthcare IT System Selection
  • Project Management
  • HIT System Implementation and Change Management
  • HIT System Maintenance and Support

Practical, Hands-on Laboratory Training on a Widely Installed Commercial HIT System

  • Use of a Commercial HIT System
  • Practical Experience with HIT and EHR Applications
  • Re-enforcement of Subjects Covered in Class
  • Training by Carrying out Realistic HIT Scenarios

Exposing students to Healthcare Culture:

  • Clinical Perspectives and Requirements
  • Teamwork
  • Workflow
  • Organizational Processes
  • Changing Paradigms
  • Soft Skills Needed to Survive and Thrive in New Career

Consort Institute’s Blended Learning Model This program uses a novel delivery method within its three-pronged curriculum, to offer an integrated learning experience:

  • Face-to-face class presentations by industry professionals
  • Computer laboratory and hands-on training on a system similar to what graduates will be using in their new career, and
  • Outside the class learning and activities.

Upon successful completion of this course, certifications are granted by Southern Polytechnic State University’s Continuing Education Department and Consort Institute.

Prerequisite: A bachelor’s degree, or 3 years of professional IT work experience, or successful completion of Accelerated Training in Fundamentals of Information Technology course
Tuition: $3,695 – WIA eligible
Date: September 19, 2015 (Saturdays 8:30 AM-5:30 PM) for ten weeks