Consort Institute at Emory University
John N.
I landed a position as a BI Analyst/Tableau Developer (I had no Tableau experience prior to the program). I firmly believe that the skills I acquired through the program and Emory’s strong reputation within the data community played a significant role in my successful transition -- but you must also network within the various industry professional groups and associations to make it all happen.
Katherine L.
I just wanted to update you -- I was previously in the Business Intelligence certificate program. I recently accepted an offer as a Logistics Analyst with a Fortune 500 company and a 40% increase in compensation. The knowledge I picked up in the BI program greatly helped make this transition possible!
Michael L.
Cheryce H.
James N.
Emory’s Business Intelligence program gave me the self-service BI skills used to transform raw data into actionable insight for improved decision-making through the creation of dashboards and visualization charts, and production of analytics reports. In October 2017, I began my position at Kaiser Permanente as a Business Intelligence Consultant. Completing this course was a huge step in making this career change!
Imani W.
I was at a career crossroads until one day I stumbled upon some information about the Business Intelligence program at Emory Continuing Education. After a few conversations with the program advisor and further research, I decided to invest in my future and enroll. Doing so is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am now equipped with skills that allow me to be competitive in the job market, I can continue to attend classes and refresh on content whenever I want – at no additional cost. Now I have the continued support of the Emory team as I work to further my career in the field of data analytics. Seize the opportunity for a life-changing trajectory!
Leonel N.
Vania G.
Daisy W.
I have started working as a Performance Improvement Analyst -- I met the hiring manager at the Emory ATUG Meeting. More importantly, my Tableau and Excel experience has helped me with the interview. This Business Inteliigence program has been a really rewarding and transformative experience, and I could not have achieved this without your support.
Davi S.
I cannot thank you enough for putting together the Business Intelligence program. I profited quite a bit from all my classes: Excel, MySQL and the Tableau training session. I gained experience that I will take with me everywhere I go. For example: I had issues with some reports at work until I attended the Business Intelligence class at Emory -- everything makes sense to me now. I am able to understand patterns, data relationships, DAX, matrix, cubes much better than before. This is a big plus for me and for my career achievements. Thanks!
Wendy S.
Leleda W.
Leleda W.