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Don’t take our word for it! Read the testimonials from individuals currently in the program or from our recent graduates. Some of these individuals were initially skeptical about the program’s unique offer, but they are now strong supporters of the program and the value it brings to professionals seeking a new career in HIT. Our program is so effective that most students get Health IT jobs without a required years of experience in Healthcare! Four students in our current class have received and accepted professional jobs from the Center for Disease Control (CDC); McKesson, the nation’s largest Health Care IT company; Gwinnett Technical College; and a consulting company while still attending the AT-HIT class.

The AT-HIT program at the Consort Institute was well worth my time, energy and money. Matter of fact, I believe that if it were not for me enrolling in this program, I wouldn’t have landed my new job working in Information Services at the CDC. At SPSU, I learned so much about Health Information Technology (HIT) and how it is transforming the healthcare industry to improve the quality of care and ultimately, health outcomes. The SPSU instructors and guest speakers were professional, helpful, engaging and experienced. I would recommend this program to any person looking to enter into the HIT field, or any person looking to advance their knowledge about HIT. This program also allowed me to meet new people, gain some lifelong friendships and network with industry professionals who are all willing to help students succeed. This program is phenomenal and right on-time for the instrumental changes and improvements that are about to, and that are currently, taking place in the US healthcare and public health systems.”

Eleanor (Nora) Allen-Casey, AS, BS, MSM-PM, PMP

“Consort Institute’s Accelerated HIT program gave me the fundamental tools needed to receive a position within the healthcare industry. When I started the program I wasn’t aware of the government mandates created to enforce implementation of an EHR system, the need for IT specialist, terminology, coding, or software systems used in healthcare. The training program equipped me with the knowledge I needed to feel confident to search and interview for HIT positions. With that said, I received a job offer from Mckesson before I graduated. There is no limit to what you can do with focus, dedication, and education!”
Charmin Ogden

“The HIT course conducted by the Consort Institute has been an invaluable investment for me. I have gained a wealth of knowledge in Health Information Systems in a relatively short amount of time. Not only has the program been a great learning experience it has also had a direct impact in propelling my career forward. I participated in the program with the hopes of gaining enough knowledge to facilitate a career change into Health Information Technology. Shortly after completing the course I was offered an IT position at a Hospital in the Atlanta Area. The Consort Institute and its Instructors exceeded my expectations in every conceivable way. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is looking for a quality education in Health Information Systems.”
Zach Wright

“The “HIT” accelerated training at SPSU, is not just an average or normal training class, it is a very professional academic training program that prepares students and or professionals with Health care industry standards and technology in a very comprehensive lecture style, followed by hand-on training on the actual systems, the million dollar CPSI system, that most health care providers use in US. The program is not taught by graduate students, in fact this one class is being taught by 7 different professors who are highly knowledgeable, and are “Gurus” of the HIT. In addition to the training, they also provide us with numerous opportunities to Network with Health care groups, and they will support us in improving our resume, and even give us some interviewing skills. I highly recommend this program at SPSU to anyone who is seeking to get certification in HIT and I truly appreciate WIA’s support in making this opportunity available to me.”  

Tina Dehbozorgi

“The Health Information Technology program provided an excellent overview of the HIT industry, including its history, terminology, and current trends. This program enabled me to focus my job search on specific areas of interest and gave me great confidence going into interviews.

 Mike Boucher, Development Program Manager, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems

“The Consort AT-HIT program is one of the finest that I have ever been a part of. The curriculum is excellent and the varied teaching methods and professors are the best that I have ever encountered. This is the best program in terms of useful information and practical use that I have ever been exposed to. I had job offers within 4 weeks of being in the program. The Institute sets up so many opportunities throughout the course to attend job fairs, interact with working professionals who can employ you, and they offer several seminars to show you how to get a job in the Healthcare/IT business. I cannot say enough great things about this program, its staff and professors. It has greatly enriched my life and I am very grateful that I was able to attend it.

Paul Webb

“Consort Institute has provided me a path that is glowing and exciting. Before making the decision to transition to Healthcare IT, I knew I needed a change. I realized I needed additional training but I was not sure I was heading in the right direction. Consort Institute is a great first step in learning about Healthcare IT and the numerous career areas available. I now have a passion and desire to learn that I’ve honestly never experienced before. I read any and everything I can about Healthcare IT because Consort Institute has instilled a desire in me to learn all I can and to be my very best. What can be more rewarding then a career where you are ultimately helping to save lives? I truly recommend Consort Institute as your first step on a truly wonderful path to the world of Healthcare IT.”

Nicole Esquerre

“This course does an excellent job incorporating textbook material with practical knowledge and industry know-hows of Healthcare IT. The guest lecturers are a valuable part of this program. They offer students a glimpse into real-life challenges that vendors and providers face in ever-changing healthcare field. Even though I did not have a healthcare IT background, upon completing the course, I was fully confident that I would be able to perform capably at any number of Healthcare IT positions. I would advise prospective students to enroll with an open mind. Do not pigeonhole yourself into any specific career path you may have on your mind. This course offers a broad knowledge base that will make you an ideal candidate in any number of roles within healthcare IT. Take advantage of this fact and you will become a desirable candidate for employers.

Sajid Anwar

“Consort Institute’s Accelerated Training in Health Information Technology (AT-HIT) program has far exceeded any expectations I had. I researched many other programs and opted for Consort for two reasons: the hands-on training with an actual Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and the concentrated time frame. I have learned much more than I thought possible in such a short period. The instructors are relevant professionals from the healthcare industry (some are pioneers in the field) who captivate the classroom. The sessions are very interactive with no question going unanswered. Along with the many aspects of HIT, there are sessions that revolve around rebranding ourselves to make us marketable in the emerging job market. Laboratory sessions with an award winning EHR system are invaluable. Understanding the processes and workflows of an actual system currently used in over 750 hospitals across the nation, has given me confidence that I can work anywhere with any system. The open lab time afforded us by Consort Institute’s relationship with Southern Polytechnic State University means I can spend as much time familiarizing myself with the system as I would like. I am certain that my choice of Consort Institute AT-HIT program was the right one for me now and in the future!”

Kelly Hughey, AT-HIT

“I have taken numerous professional training programs before but none as on-point as Consort Institute’s Accelerated Health Information Technology 10-week training program. It has proven to be well worth my investment! Dr. Ghavi and the guest lecturers are experts in their field and they provide valuable insight and real-world experiences into the culture of HIT. This knowledge would take years to learn on our own and we have the benefit of learning it in just 10 weeks!
Meshelle L. Days-Lewis

“I am an IT professional with 12 years of experience, currently a graduate student at SPSU, and also pursuing the HIT program offered by Consort Institute. After attending only three sessions, I am confident enough to say that the HIT training offered by Consort is an excellent program that will better position me in my career path. I am overwhelmed by the quality of knowledge learned from leading health care professionals and by the effectiveness of the blended learning model. This training will make me a desirable candidate for managing increasingly complex health care systems.”

Dan Fratiloiu

“I have not had exposure to another class/program, but I cannot imagine a better class in an accelerated format. I can’t believe how much we have learned in three short weeks. I have really enjoyed it, even if I am a bit glazed over after all of the Medicare revenue cycle info from last Saturday! I had absolutely no idea how big a role Med C/C played in all of this. Scary, but I guess it is time to accept it and learn about it.”

Marie Canning

  “Before I started this program, I was not completely aware of what Healthcare Information Management was and the extraordinary role that it has in healthcare. Therefore, I was very skeptical about the program. After being in the program, I am no longer skeptical. I have become excited about getting a huge boost in a career that has a phenomenal future with endless possibilities. Only one quote comes to mind that sums up the program once all is said and done: “The sky’s the limit for HIT.

Shontell Credit

“After 6 weeks in the AT-HIT class, I have to say that my expectations have been exceeded. The curriculum is very well thought out and covers all the pertinent topics in Healthcare IT. The instructors and coordinators are all very accomplished in their respective fields, and are very well qualified to be teaching such a class. I am also very impressed by the guests that come to lecture every week. Each guest brings a wealth of information that enhances and reinforces what was taught to the class. All the guests are industry experts who have experience in Healthcare IT and are willing to give their personal time to enhance the experience of the class members and give us valuable information. Another great aspect of this course is the hands-on lab sessions, using CPSI. Each week we learn how to perform a function on a real EHR system, which I believe will prove to be invaluable in real-world settings. I am very pleased so far with the AT-HIT class, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about Healthcare IT.”

Scott Siegel

“Consort Institute provides the bridge linking healthcare and IT. Not only does the course provide detailed explanation of the complexities of the healthcare system and the workflow, it also exposes you to several opportunities within HIT that I never even knew existed. Before I signed up, I did an extensive research of institutions that offered HIT and I almost came to the conclusion that one had to take several healthcare courses to fully understand the healthcare system. Consort Insitute has done an excellent job in developing a curriculum that integrates the pieces of the healthcare puzzle needed to succeed in HIT, within a short duration of ten weeks. I highly recommend the class to anyone who is willing to make a career transition into HIT.”

Ed Hagen

Yes, I would recommend this program. This program assisted me with direction of where my current skills fit and gave me a clear vision and understanding of the Healthcare industry. The program also equipment me with tools necessary for me to get to the next level. The program held me accountable for me. This was worth my investment.


“I have been very pleased with my decision to take this class. The quantity and quality of information delivered has exceeded my expectations. The lectures are delivered by current top professionals and academicians with real world, pertinent and timely experience. I also appreciate the information that isn’t directly related to Health Care or I.T. The resume, interview and networking aspects of the class have polished and brought those skills up to date for me. Since I don’t “look for work” as a profession, those particular skills get stale and dated if they aren’t exercised regularly. I am eager to put my new skills and knowledge back on the market as I embark on a new career path.   I wish I could follow Dr. Ghavi around with a notepad, what I could learn! Professor Brown not only makes his lectures interesting but his tangents contain relevant information gained in practical application of the concepts he is lecturing on. Christine has demonstrated a real talent for software. Her walk-thru exercises are impeccable, I have built them before and I know that if they are done well they look easy. I used to think I was really good with software, Christine has moved the bar higher. Dr. Salimi has obviously set-up class curriculum before. The information is presented in easily digestible chunks at a pace that keeps it interesting. The lectures flow from subject to subject seamlessly and logically.   Well, I don’t think you expect me to comment on each of the lecturers individually and I certainly didn’t expect to write such a lengthy email, but I tend to go on about things that get me enthused. You are more than welcome to use my words, talents and voice in support of Consort Institutes AT-HIT program. If you have a prospective student that would like to speak with a current student (soon to be former) please don’t hesitate to give them my number.   On a personal note, this is the first formal classroom training I have received (outside of a work environment) since the mid 80s. It has gone so well that I am eager to continue with additional classes and continue my education after this class ends, I thank you.”